The Curious

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
The Curious

I was driving my car to a job interview when I drove past a tv shop I saw a picture of a naked woman and I thought she looked sooo fit. When I got out of the car I went to reception and saw a nice looking guy but for some reason it made me /boner/">boner. I signed into and full hd xvideo download waited at the chair with the man staring at my huge boner.

It was my turn to go in and I was told to wait for the boss that he would be there in a minute. I immediately thought of that woman on the tv and I had to masturbate so naturally I did. But the more I did the more I thought of the /cute/">cute receptionist. By accident I wiped my cock out when the boss comes in. He looked at it, locked the door and stood beside me.

At my attempt to put it away he took me by the scruff of my collar and threw my onto his other room with a huge sofa on it. He closed all free porn movies download curtains and doors. Threw me onto the sofa and started to masturbate with my cock. At first I wanted to stop it but the more he did it the more I wanted it to continue!

He wiped out his cock and in minutes we were naked doing a 69. Oh it felt soo good and it tasted soo good. It was impossible to fit his 11inch in my mouth. I choked on it many times he then turned my around and rimmed me. He put he 11 inch the full way up. I felt like it touched my heart. The only thing that touched my heart was him. His sexy face. He cummed all over me. He licked it up and started to snog me. I am now off /women/">women and now a full time gay.

He said "Welcome to the job, you are now my very personal secretary" And he winks "I am going to give you a little tour on what you do" And he snogged me more and we did another 69. And he said "You start tommorow 10am sharp. So you seduce all my other employees"

I left with one last kiss and left.

And so it begins.