Atonement Act 2

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Atonement Act 2

It had been five days since the events that unfolded in the dining room between Andy Savage and the two women Jennifer Bliss and Susan Gander. The three have come to work every day since that night but have not spoken a word to each other. Jennifer is still upset because she did something nice for him that few other women would do and he abandoned her to go play with Susan just a few seconds after ejaculating in her. Susan is angry because she allowed herself to become so aroused watching the ugly little man screwing Jenny that she had sex with him and worse than that enjoyed it. Now he will never leave me alone she tells herself.

Andy of course has been quite content and happy these past five days what man wouldn’t be if he had got to lay Jenny and Susan within minutes of each other. That’s the stuff of movies like Opening of Misty Beethoven or Debbie Does Dallas it is not something that should have happened to Andy Savage. It is now Sunday and the manager has asked to see Andy in her office as he gets off work tonight to talk to him about something important. He has no idea what it could be about but he’s sure it will have something to do with Susan or Jenny.

It’s just past nine and Andy has brought the garbage cans outside to the dumpsters when suddenly he hears the sounds of sex coming from inside the tiny laundry room. He knows instantly who it is it’s the bartender Will Weststove and Susan Gander. Oh this is a /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass he howls loud enough for anyone to hear anywhere near the laundry room Andy immediately thought of the question Susan whispered into his ear after he had finished having sex ’do you still think I’m a whore?’ Well let’s see she’s still not my girlfriend or wife and she’s still not giving herself to only me so I’d say that question has been answered he mumbles under his breath.

Hold on Andy the readers are now saying let’s not forget that you screwed pretty young Jenny and didn’t care if you are old enough to be her father or if she was your girlfriend or wife given herself to only you. This is a double standard. This of course at first may seem to be true but let’s not forget Andy is in love with Sue. He is willing to sacrifice being with all others every day for the rest of his life to be with only Sue and all he wants from her is to do the same no matter how homely she thinks that he is. Love does not have a face handsome or homely or a sexy body it only has a heart.

Yet here she is with another not even thinking about poor Andy once again causing him to feel betrayed and once more he begins to weep sitting next to the dumpster could there be a better backdrop for the pain she is causing him at this moment? So why doesn’t Andy just find another woman to be with who is not a player but someone also seeking love it’s a good question and one that has already been answered read back to the part about sacrificing all others. Andy Savage can only be with one woman ever in his life except for an occasional slip up like his brief loss of self control with Jenny. So what will become of poor Andy now?

At this moment he is dragging the garbage cans back into the kitchen returning to the dishwasher area trying to get the sounds he heard coming from the laundry room out of his head. Hi Andy how are you he hears Jennifer ask causing him to turn to look at the lovely young woman standing on the opposite side of his stainless steel counter. I am fine how are you? I’m OK also. I’m sorry about what I did last week leaving you for Susan it was a very mean thing to do especially because you gave me something very special I probably did not deserve so thanks for taking pity on me it was a very kind gesture.

Listen to me I did not ask you to have sex with me because I felt sorry for you remember I got something out of it also. I am not Susan I don’t think you’re ugly I think you are a good average looking man with one of the kindest most loving hearts I’ve ever seen in my life. Yes all 23 years of it Andy barks back causing both himself and Jenny to laugh. My point is Andy you need to forget Sue all she wants to do is break your heart she is never going to love you as you do her. Now in an attempt to change the subject Andy asks, did you like it Jenny? Like what Andy? Did you like having sex with me the other night out in the dining room?

Let’s see you fucked me better than any man I’ve been with and you made me have an orgasim so I’d say that I enjoyed it. So why have you not spoken to me all week? I was upset that you abandoned me for Susan, yes I thought that was the reason and I’m sorry about that I hope we can do it again sometime perhaps she says smiling spinning around heading back to the dining room. It was at this time that Sue and Will came strolling through the kitchen having entered through the back door passing Andy without even noticing him. He returns to washing dishes.

It was three hours later when the manager strolled through the kitchen to check how things were going back here she reminded Andy that she wanted to see him when the resteraunt closed saying I’m closing tonight and I want to speak with you about something before you go home. She is Amanda Joiner who is herself what most would call a hot looking woman married but not happy in her marriage so a divorce looms on the horizon. She is 35 years old 5’6’ 125 pounds with short blond colored hair /legs/nice-legs/">nice legs and a tight /cute/cute-ass/">cute ass. I will be in your office as soon as I am done closing up in here Ms. Joiner. Thank you Andy and please don’t call me Ms. Joiner my name is Amanda she tells him for the millionth time.

Andy went on about performing his duties thinking no more about this brief conversation until he heard the announcement that the resteraunt was closing and remembered while he was preparing to wash the floor that he needed to go to the manager’s office to see Amanda. He was just starting to wash the floor when suddenly he heard the sounds of sex coming from the dining room and it was not just anyone it was the sounds of Jennifer and him from their encounter last week.

Andy stopped what he was doing walked into the dining room seeing Amanda sitting in a chair dressed in a short tight black cocktail dress that stops just below her crouch sitting with her legs crossed. It was the classic pose Sharon Stone is remembered for in the movie ’Basic Instinct.’ Andy can you hear what is being played through the sound system? Yes he replied it’s the sound of people having sex.

It is exactly that and who were those people having sex that we are hearing from the resteraunt security camera? It was Jennifer Bliss and Susan Gander I think. Oh Andy don’t be coy she says rising from the chair walking slowly towards him with a seductive walk we know it was you should we go into my office and watch it on the TV or shall we get down to business? You mean the business of punishing me for having sex in the dining room after hours. I can’t punish you for that Andy she says putting her arms around him. He asked why not she replies there is no rule that forbids employees having sex in the dining room.

I think it’s called sexual harassment in the company handbook Andy barked back as the woman slowly pulled him closer to her. Yes you were sexually harassed dear but you seemed to enjoy it. I was lost in the moment and did some things I should not have done here I’m sorry it won’t happen again. I’m sorry to hear that Andy because I’m very horny and I was hoping that you would make love to me like you made love to Jenny and Susan. That was not making love that was cheap meaningless sex the ugly little man replied as their noses touch! OK let’s have cheap meaningless sex together tonight she moans placing her lips on his probing his mouth gently with her tongue while lightly stroking his firm ass.

Andy asks are the security cameras still recording no they’re not Amanda says in a whisper as she continues kissing his lips. I hope George the security guard doesn’t get curious and come down to find out why they are off Andy sighs now responding to the womans kissing feeling very excited knowing that it was going to happen again he was going to have sex with another woman after hours in the resteraunt. So what do you want to do now Mandy he asks shyly? I want you to fuck me like you fucked Jenny and Susan she exclaims causing Andy to balk and pull away. I think we should stop now he says remembering that she is a married woman and insane.

I thought you wanted it baby she said in an angry tone I do but not here like this and not now. Why not now? You are married it would be wrong for me to have sex with another man’s wife. You had sex with another man’s wife last week right there in that hall. Susan is divorced he barked it’s not final yet so technically you had sex with another man’s wife besides my husband is a jerk and you’re not you’re nice and /sweet/">sweet and very good with your fingers and tongue I want to be with you she says standing in front of him rubbing the front of his pants.

Suddenly Andy feels very hot he knows the fire is starting that will drive him onward into the forest which is about to burn consuming him in the inferno. It is lust come to take him to that place he really wants to be and he doesn’t care now if Amanda is married. He takes her into his arms begins kissing her passionately saying I want you Amanda I want you here I want you now I want all of you here tonight. They were on their way down a road that leads to a very sinful place!

Once again he is going to betray the woman he loves even though he knows she doesn’t care she does the same thing all of the time so why shouldn’t he be happy here with this woman having sex with him on this carpeted floor caked with ground in bits of food stale beer and wine! He lays her down on the floor then lies on top of her caressing her breasts on the outside of her dress consumes her mouth with his as if he were a hungry lion devouring his prey on the plains of the Serengeti! The lighting crackles outside the glass doors as the thunder in their hearts roars feasting upon each other now beside the buffet table of desire!

He pulls up the front of her dress running his hand up inside feeling her inner thigh as they kiss he is totally out of control his actions now akin to rape it is a wild display of passion there is no love or tenderness it is simply pure uncontrolled carnal energy sweeping them both away to that place only lust can take them! Oh my God you’re not wearing any panties the ugly man wails as his hand finds her pussy rubbing it with his fingers! I want to fuck you baby! I want to fuck you now he roars kissing all of her neck at nearly the speed of light! Do it baby fuck me now, Oh God fuck me the horny woman screams as she spreads her legs for him!

Suddenly a flashlight beam appears shining from outside it is George the security guard standing outside in the rain come down from his office on his hourly rounds of the marina. The two canal beasts never notice they are running through the flaming forest trying to find the cool tranquil lake the only thing that can save them from being totally consumed by a wildfire! Take me Andy! Take me now Mandy screams her pleas causing the man to stand quickly ripping off his shirt and pants he then kneels between her legs rubbing the head of his cock up and down along her pussy lips teasing her, Oh God it’s so fucking cruel! Please do it she screams begging him to enter her hot wanton pussy!

Do it now Mandy screams loudly bobbing her head from side to side thrusting her hips up as a sign that she is ready to receive him into her. Andy is now ready he slowly slides his stiff prick into the womans hot /cunt/wet-cunt/">wet cunt filling her with his meat! She sighs as she feels him penetrate her welcoming every inch of this man into her inner depths! She has watched this man for two years being tormented by Susan Gander and couldn’t understand why she hurt him when all he wants to do is love her! How could any woman be so cruel to a man this wonderful?

Mandy now wants him with her in all the ways Susan doesn’t! She wants his heart and his body she wants to be loved and feel whole again she wants Andy Savage! She now has him fucking his cock in her and soon she hopes to capture his heart! Oh that’s good she wails as she feels Andy moving up and down slowly grinding his meat in her the head of this cock rubbing her G-spot with each downward thrust. She is hotter than she has been in years as she enjoys lying here getting fucked by the dishwasher who has demonstrated in the past week that he has other talents than just being able to wash dishes. He’s a pretty good lay also!

Mandy is moaning like a porn star as the ugly little man screws her kissing and licking her neck, ears and mouth as he slowly rides her grinding her with his rock hard prick in a very steady pace both still horny and both still in heat but they have settled into a steady rhythm. It’s more like making love together on their wedding night than two lust crazed animals fucking. This is the /first-time/">first time like this for Andy he is feeling so good now he never wants this to end, oh Mandy you’re beautiful! Mandy is moaning and pleading for him to never stop enjoying this more than she has with any man especially her husband! Andy Savage has revived the woman!

The woman she had thought was gone forever that she would never be again the sultry bitch with a loving heart with the cravings of a sex crazed teenager! The slut who sucks her date at the prom the over used /college/college-sex/">college sex kitten. The bitch in heat that craves doggie treats with her ass stuck in the air. The gentle soul comforting her lovesick child after his first girlfriend breaks up with him the cunt that is laying here now begging Andy Savage to fuck the shit out of her! Oh God Andy you’re so good she wails scratching his back grinding her bloody nails into his sweaty flesh!

Andy is now gasping as he strokes her faster nearing the end of this ride lost in and enslaved by the pain of passion. There is no more I can do he wails as he braces himself for that moment he has been waiting to arrive for the past six minutes a new world’s record for him! Oh Mandy I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum he wails his eyes tightly shut the skin on his face as tight as if he just had a Botox injection! Oh Mandy! Mandy! I’m going to cum baby he screams as he drains his balls into her ejaculating every drop of his jet into the sweat drenched woman! Oh God that feels so good she screams welcoming his love juice into her!

Andy collapses upon her lying still for a few minutes as they lay together still coupled his tool quickly softens inside her they need to enjoy the moment basking in the afterglow of love or whatever it is they are now sharing. It feels wonderful to them so who cares what it is called! Thank you Andy I really needed that the lovely woman exclaims having finally gotten laid again something that had not happened in many months! It seems every woman here at the marina is starving in need of cock and tonight Andy was glad to feed Amanda the cock she craved.

That was good Ms. Joiner Andy said with a giggle bringing a smile to both their faces as they get off the floor tidying their clothes then moving into the lounge after turning off the video tape that was playing all the while they were having sex. They share a glass of wine soon after leaving together to spend the night together at Andy’s home. George returns to his office seeing all the security monitors working unaware that while on his rounds those in the resteraunt had been off.

It is here that we rejoin the couple they are sitting on the sofa drinking ginger ale in wine glasses. Andy does not drink alcohol the half a glass of wine before they left the marina being the exception. They are chatting telling each other their life story and making out some on the sofa. Andy is now different than he was before more shy and reserved. Amanda is a bit puzzled by this sudden change. She inquires about why he is so quiet and old waman xxxgx reserved? You know already it’s the whole Susan thing it has me unsure about myself as a man? I don’t understand why she doesn’t feel for me as I do for her. She decides this is the time to address this problem but first she asks Andy to tell her how he fell in love with a shadow?

I suppose she is a shadow or at least she was until last week now I don’t know what to do. It started last year she was married but her marriage was not rewarding and fulfilling enough for her and her husband was doing things that she thought were also not beneficial to their marriage. I don’t know what things she never told me what they were. I spent ten to fifteen minutes at least two days per week in the break room listening to her problems for just over a year then she got divorced started wearing miniskirts and sleeping with all these other men. I’m in love with her I feel we connected and bonded that she and I should be together from the day her divorce becomes final until the day one of us dies.

Now that is where we are today she is still with these other men and not with me except for that moment last week and I think she was too drunk to know what she was doing. I’m also feeling /bad/">bad about that because I did the same thing the other men do just fucked her and used her to satisfy my sexual needs and that’s not something a man should do to the woman that he loves and adores. There was a brief moment of silence then Amanda asked, what about us did we just have cheap meaningless sex on the floor of the dining room or do you feel it was more than just a cheap roll in the hay? Did you fuck a whore tonight?

You are not like Susan except that you are going through the same problems in your marriage she was going through when we first met. I don’t think what we did was cheap it was not romantic but it was not dirty or cheap because it was with you and as far as I can tell you are not a whore. Amanda kisses him tenderly saying that is the sweetest thing any man has ever said to bokep sma pecah perawan me. ’You are not a whore!’ My husband thinks I have been with other men but until tonight I was not. I want you to leave Susan alone at least at work and no more having sex after hours in the dining room unless it’s with me Amanda orders him with a stern look on her face.

Andy and Amanda talk for awhile longer then they head into the bedroom where things get really hot and steamy but this time a little more romantic. Andy gives her more than two hours of oral and manual stimulation bringing her to orgasim then Mandy kneels on the floor looking up at the little man and on cue begins licking his hard stiff cock. Andy can’t believe this woman is in his bedroom on her knees licking and sucking his cock something no woman has ever done before which is why he asked her to do it. He wanted to know how it feels if it’s as good as people say that it is and so far it is all of that and more this feels awesome! Oh Mandy that feels good the ugly little man moans as he enjoys lovely Amanda licking and sucking his hard stiff meat!

Amanda works on his tool like a /master/">master obviously having done this enough times to really make Andy feel like a man now! She is taking it in and out of her mouth at times down into her throat! I didn’t know my cock was long enough to get this deep in her he thinks as he feels the head of his cock slide down into her throat! Oh Baby suck it Mandy he wails as she licks strokes and sucks his stiff tool! Do you like doing this baby Andy asks her she shakes her head up and down to the affirmative? Oh baby this feels good he wails not caring if his neighbors hear him having sex in his apartment.

Now at this same moment Sue is sitting on her bed reading poems and letters that she received from Andy which she told him she did not keep. She is thinking about their (fictional) tryst and wonders why he expends so much energy and makes so much effort to be with her when he knows she is not in love with him? She is wondering why he would write in these letters that he only wants her and then has sex with Jennifer. Actually this she understands and it pleases her because she knows he’s a real man after all and not just some /freak/">freak who only wants to possess her. Still she thinks it would be nice to have a man who loves and adores her enough to want to be with only her. Now with this thought in mind she puts the letter box away.

She lays back on her bed laying her head on the pillow slides her hand into her pajama bottom and begins masturbating...

To be continued.