Showers of a gay hotel

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Showers of a gay hotel

I was on business in Paris last year and thought Id treat myself to a gay hotel while I was there. I was away from my wife and normally fuck /women/">women when Im away, but this time I fancied some cock. I read about a great place with communal showers. As soon Id checked in I went to the showers. There were three guys in there. None of them had hard ons.

They were checking each other out but it was all quite casual. I went in between two of them. The guy to my left was a big black guy. He looked at my cock and kept washing. I found this a bit embarrassing, but I couldnt help but start to grow a bit. He said hey I like your cock. Thanks, stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv yours isnt so /bad/">bad. It needs washing. Would you?. I had a big hard on now and his was just starting to grow. I went over to him and made a lather in my hands.

I washed his chest first and then slowly moved over his stomach and down to his cock. I started to stroke it and he got rock hard pretty quick. I was washing it all over now and he was having a great time. I stood to his side so my hard on rubbed against his leg and washed his ass with my left hand and his /balls/ball-cock/cock-and-balls/">cock and balls with my right hand. After I had rinsed off all the soap I got down on my knees and started sucking him.

It felt great to have a big /hard/hard-cock/hard-black-cock/">hard black cock in my mouth. I had my right hand around his base, my left hand was stroking his balls and /asshole/">asshole and my tongue was working his head and shaft. I was going for it so he came in mouth pretty fast. I washed him up and he went off. I looked at the two slender white guys to my right. They had been watching and masturbating the whole time. I opened my mount and let the black guys cum dribble down my neck. They knew what I wanted.

They came over and both put there cocks in my mouth. The two helmets rubbing against each other inside me was so hot. I alternated between sucking one and wanking the other guy and having white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie them both in my mouth. Then I stood up and put my hands against the wall with my ass facing them. They both grabbed condoms from handy basket by the door and put them on.

They fought over me a bit and then one guy pushed the other out of the way, lubed my ass and his cock from a dispenser on the wall and forced his cock straight inside me. It hurt like hell and he banged me for a couple of minutes. Then the other guy had a go. While the second guy was fucking me the other one got down on his knees and gave me a great blowjob. Having a guy in my ass and another on my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock was so good.

We here all moaning and rubbing our hands all overreach others lathered bodies. The second guy stood up and moved in front of me. He put a condom on me and rubbed lube all over it and moved in place so I had a guy inside me while I fucked him. The guy behind me came in my /ass/ass-hard/">ass hard and stayed inside while he slowly got soft. SO I went hard at the guy in front of me and tossed him off at the same time. I made him cum against the wall and then came inside him.

We all slowly untangled ourselves and washed each other down. We told each other our room numbers and fucked a few more times before the week was through. I also had many more guys in the shower. My wife is none the wiser.

Please have good wank thinking about it. I do.