Richs First Time

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Richs First Time

(This is a fictional story. This has no /reality/">reality to any one. Just enjoy the story.)

?Being a virgin sucks major Balls? though Rich as he sat as his computer desk. He was sitting there, typing to his friends Robyn and Angelina as he did so. Clad only in his boxers, it didn?t hid much as he sat, watching a porno form his t.v. set. His ad was out for the night and he was alone. So he did what he usually did. Sat up till 4 am, talking to his hot buddies. It?s not like he was some big loser, or that he looked /bad/">bad. It just seemed he could never get laid. He was a tall guy, standing about 6?3. Towering over almost all the people his age. He had nice muscles, but soft huggable body, the kind girls liked to hug. He already had hair on his chest, which Robyn liked to pay which while rubbing his ?man boobies? as she called them. His black hair was gelled down, with pink bangs that /hung/">hung across his brown eyes. Tomorrow he was going to visit Robyn and Angelina, but now...he was horny. So as he continued talking to them. He jacked off. Neither of them noticing it.
His mind filled with images of himself, Robyn and Angelina getting a little? ?/crazy/">crazy? He knew that Robyn was bisexual, which turned him on all the more thinking about her. She stood at a nice 5?6, so even with her boots on, she was still shorter then him, with he thoroughly enjoyed. Her short hair, which ended a few inches below her ears was great. It was naturally brunette. But now it had streaks of orange, and two different blonds. Her eyes were a light brown, with hazel colors all meshed in. She was on cam, as she usually was. Clad in a tight black tank top, he could see her nice round b-cup bosoms in which were held beneath then. He remembered one time while over at her house, they?d fooled around. If he?d gotten to stay longer, he would have turned them purple. But with their luck he?d had to leave. 

He continued pounding away at his nine inch woody. More images filled his mind. He closed his eyes, his climax approaching as he could see him pounding into Robyn?s /sweet/">sweet cunny, doggy style with her face buried between Angelina?s tan thighs. Where Robyn was a pale white, Angelina had a dark, Hawaiian style tan, being white, Indonesian and Hispanic gave her that appearance. Her long hair was raven, ending just below her mid back. She was about 5?2, with a thicker body. But it suited her sweet innocent face and full lips. Her eyes a dark black with having a slight twinkle. Her breasts we?re a small D. But firm and large, which she always showed off in her tight shirts. Her pants always tight on her round hips and smooth legs. Both were so sexy in their own way. He finally blew his load over his keyboard and told Robyn and Angelina he?d be going to bed and he?d see them tomorrow when he came up to visit.

The next morning came, and his father woke him up, telling him in about twenty minutes they?d be leaving for Robyn?s. He lazily got up, dressing in a pair of baggy black pants, a wife beater, and a black hoodie. Ten minutes later, they were on their way to Robyn?s. The ride was quick and silent. Soon they were at Robyn?s house. She was waiting outside with them, Angelina sitting next to her. She was clad in a tight black tank top, tight flairs and her combat boots. Deciding it too hot to wear a hoodie. Angelina wearing a tight purple skirt, a pair of wings on the back, a pair of short shorts and sandals.

As he got out of the car, they went to him, greeting him with a large hug. His dad said he?d be back some time around midnight to pick him up and take him home. Rich Nodded as they walked into Robyn?s house. ?There?s something I forgot to tell you??
?Oh...and what?s that?? responded Rich rather confused.

A grin went over Angelina and Robyn?s lips??Well? my parents aren?t going to be home till tomorrow. They had to leave and go visit my grandmother for some problems. So it?s just me, you and Angelina here...all alone?? Rich couldn?t believe his luck. They each took one hand and lead him into Robyn?s room. She?d redecorated since last he?d been here. Instead of her small bed she used to own. She now had a large queen size water bed. Angelina released his hand and Robyn laid him back on the bed. She got on one side, while Angelina was on the other. Robyn kissed him deeply, letting her tongue run into his mouth, playing with his. On leg wrapped around his pulling it towards her. He then felt lips on his neck, it was Angelina. Her tongue softly played indian santali xvideo with the flesh. Softly, two different hand, one from each girl were slowly opening his pants, rubbing softly on his boxer clad cock, which was quickly growing hard. Soon it was too full attention? Robyn and Angelina pull their lips away, staring at it..

?It?s huge??mumbled the girls in unison. Robyn slowly pulled away from rich while Angelina continued to kiss him. Robyn slowly moved so her chin was resting on his thigh and her hand grasped his cock. It was too small to get a good grasp on it. But her hand slowly went up and down on his cock. He could feel her breath of his soft flesh. He trembled. He?d never had a blowjob, he?d never even been this close. All this almost caused him to shoot his load. But he didn?t. ?I wonder how a virgin tastes?.? Mumbled Robyn softly. Angelina slowly moved away, ending Rich?s and her?s kiss. She moved back, so she could watch. She pressed her breasts against his arms. Rich propped a pillow under his he could watch too. She moved onto her knees, leaning over her lips spread slightly, inches about his cock. He could feel her breath on his cock. He trembled. ?Do it?? he moaned softly. His body trembling wit anticipation. Robyn grinned, slowly lowering herself. Her tongue lapped out, gently licking at the head. Soon enough she took the head into her mouth. Sucking and rolling her tongue around it. Rich moaned softly closing his eyes. His hand held no power like this. It felt so much better! Soon enough...she was lowering her mouth and inch?then two inches...her head bobbing up and down on his cock slowly. Running her tongue along it. She couldn?t get all of his cock in, but she managed a good six and half inches. She bobbed her head up and down, rolling her tongue around, sucking playfully. After five minutes of this, he couldn?t take in any more. He shot his load down her throat. She swallowed it hungrily...not spilling a drop. Rich?s dick deflating slowly from the intensity.

?I was right?virgins do taste sweeter?.? With that? Angelina kissed Robyn. Their tongue?s swirling and playing. As they finished, she grinned back at Robyn, ?Your right? Son enough... Rich?s woody was back to it?s full greatness? Robyn and Angelina stood at the end of the bed now. They turned to each other. Robyn slowly began pulling away Angelina?s clothing. She kissed her on her lips... neck?and so on. She sensually removed her top, then each shoe. Her pants. Her socks. Everything until she only stood in the white bra and thong set. Then it was Robyn?s turn. Angelina slowly pulled off robins clothing in the same manor. Soon, she ending up in only a black bra and panties set. It was satin, and the panties only covered half of her ass cheeks. They went and laid down my rich, kissing on his neck, biting at his ear lobe, ?Your turn /boy/big-boy/">big boy, ? Said Angelina softly into his ear...

Rich quickly shed his clothing and was completely naked Robyn giggled. ?A little impatient aren?t we?? With that, he went on top of her and between her legs, rubbing his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock up and down her slit, while kissing her softly, but dominative. She moaned into his mouth. Angelina lay on her side watching them. Softly rubbing her slit through her panties. He could feel the wetness through her panties. Robyn reached over with one hand, grabbing a condom off her dresser. ?Hold on a sec. H e sat up and put on the condom. She kissed him deeply, removing her bra and panties as he did. ?Is this good enough to your expectance?? Rich began kissing her again, moving so that he could stand. He pulling Robyn easily by her waist, so her ass rested on the edge. She completely opened for him. ?Beautiful?? he muttered softly. With that he leaned down kissing Robyn softly on the lips, then in one thrust, thrust himself deep into her. She moaned loudly into his mouth as he did as well. Angelina sat there?now on her back. Her panties and bra taken off now. She was fingering her self. Moaning softly. He then sat up, thrusting in and out of her slowly. Her legs wrapped around his waist as he continued thrusting in and out of her. This was beyond belief. It felt better then he had imagined. She was moaning with pleasure. Mumbling words incoherently. 

Angelina withered in pleasure for a moment. Then got an idea. Moments later, she was straddling Robyn?s face. Robyn?s arm wrapped around Angelina?s thighs Her tongue lap at her slit, then sucking at her clit. She moaned and wiggled herself on top of Angelina. Rich was in a daze. He began thrusting harder and harder into Robyn. He was enjoying herself so much. He was going to climax soon. By the girl?s sounds, they were going to too. 

First Angelina. The scream bubbled from her throat as she climaxed violently on Robyn?s tongue. She rolled off Robyn, laying next to her, her chest rising and falling as she tried to calm herself. Her lower face was covered in Angelina?s juices. Immediately after, Robyn climax, pulling Rich to kiss her as she did, moaning loudly into his mouth. He still was pounding away. After she finished, he pulled out of her. Not done yet him self. He lay down on the bed, positioning Angelina over his stiff cock. She sank onto it and moaned loudly. She began fucking him like crazy. Up and down, up and down. She would be climaxing alain lyle porn again soon. Robyn then straddled his face; position her bald pussy over his lips. He began sucking and licking at her clit hard. He may have been a virgin with his cock, but his tongue was experienced. He licks, lapped and sucked.

Soon enough his own hips were going up to meet Angelina?s. She screamed again, climaxing on his cock. He couldn?t take it any more. He shot his cum, pulling Angelina hard onto his cock. Cumming into the condom. Moments later, Robyn climaxed on his face. He laps at her hungrily. Moments later. All threw were relaxing, asleep on Robyn?s bed. 

Hours later? Rich was awoken with his cock being sucked again, this time by Angelina. And until he was picked up, they suck, and fucked each other... all through the night.