Nick travels to Europe

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Nick travels to Europe

My buddy Nick has been the centerpeice of the majority of my postings. There is a reason for this, the kid is not like the rest of us. He is one of those people, guy or girl, who seems to live for lack of a better phrase a "charmed life". He is smart, charming and great looking. That description doesnt even do him justice but I will try to add to it as I describe this encounter. As Ive mentioned in the past, Nick has it all. Hes 6-2" tall, natrually dark skin (hes Italian), great teeth and smile, dark brown eyes, and black hair that always looks good on him even if hes wearing a hat. His body is also a great asset. Hes not a workout warrior, but his /athletic/">athletic body is fit and toned and hes got the equipment to make the ladies very, very happy.

This encounter takes place during his travels to Europe. Nick had to travel there with his class as part of his /college/">college travel semester that is required by his University. They traveled to Spain for the majority of the trip, however, they made excursions to France and Portugal while they were there. Nicks /girlfriend/">girlfriend of a couple years now was not exactly excited about him leaving but she knew it was part of the deal when he enrolled at that University. From what Nick told me, she made his last night at home one of the best nights of his life with an all night long fuck fest. She let him do things theyve never done before and gave herself to him completely that night as it would be their last night together for the next 6 weeks.

Nick arrived in Barcelona with the rest of his class in the span of a few days. Once they were all there and xxx settled into their apartments (which were scattered throughout the city) they began to explore the city on their own. The instructors had given them a few days to get used to their new surroundings as well as bond with each other before they had to endure a classroom setting in this beatiful land. There were about 16 total students in the class, 9 guys and 7 girls. The girls, spare maybe 2, were nothing much to write home about. The other 2 werent nearly as hot as his gf but 6 weeks away is a long time without sex when youve been with someone for almost 2 years.

About two weeks into the semester, things started getting tough on Nick. For starters, the amount of naturally beatiful and /women/sexy-women/">sexy women out and about on his daily and nightly adventures were bountiful. He definitely took notice of these /women/">women and the fact that he couldnt do much being that he had a gf. Nick also seemed to get closer with his classmates since they were spending nearly 10 hours a day together touring the country as well as alot of time at night when they would meet up for their nightly adventures out on the town. Nick started to get that feeling, we all have felt it, craving the touch of another and not your own. He tried to keep in touch with his gf via facebook but that wasnt easy as his internet connection was spotty at best in the various areas of Europe they visited. This began to wear thin on his gf as well as she missed him seemingly before he even left for his trip. She started getting herself worked up over the fact he wasnt able to stay in touch with her on a daily basis and this started to upset Nick. It wasnt that he didnt try, it was just hard to do so with as much travel as they did and the shotty internet availability. He tried to explain this to her but she seemed intent on fearing the worst and this caused them to fight (via fb chat) for the next week and caused both of them very upset.

One night Nicks roomate Chase and a couple of other classmates were heading down to the local bar for a few drinks. At first Nick told them he wasnt likely to join them as he wasnt feeling so good between being homesick and missing his friends and gf and the fact they had gotten into an arguement that night. After about an hour of sulking in his room, Nick finally decided to join his classmates and walked down to join them at the local bar. They had already had a drinks in them by the time Nick arrived and were having a good ole time. Nick ordered himself a local beer and sat down to join them at the table. His classmates had ordered a local favorite and practically forced Nick to try some. The drink was /sweet/">sweet but still pretty strong and after a few drinks trying to "catch up" to the rest, he was feeling pretty tipsy along with all of his classmates.

They were all having a good time drinking and joking around with each other as this bar wasnt the most crowded and they were able to take over the small establishment as their own. The music playing varied from "club" style dance music to local "spanish" style dance music. Like the rest of his classmates, Nick joined them on the dancefloor on occassion half dancing, half fooling around and having fun. Lauren, on of the 2 better looking females in the class, happened to be there that night and was feeling no pain at this point. Being a smallish girl to begin, the liquor they were drinking hit her hard and fast. She began to dance on the floor with everyone, guy and girl, in her class. Just then the music switched from club style to Spanish style and she started to do a sexy, almost striptease-like, spanish style dance of her own. She was wearing a low cut v-neck shirt and a short skirt that night and seemed to be flashing her panties quite a bit while dancing. Nick wasnt the only guy who noticed as all of them seemed to be enjoying the show. While the girls and a couple of guys kept on dancing, Lauren danced her way over to where Nick and his roommate Chase were sitting. She first gave Chase a little show while dancing very close to him then moved onto Nick.

As Nick sat there watching the show, Lauren began shaking her hips in rythem to the music and flipped her skirt up in the process showing her skimply little panties in the process. Nick and Chase gave each other hi-fives at the site of this but laughed it off as everyone having a much needed night out. Lauren then backed up and began shaking her ass right in front of Nicks face as he sat in his chair. Nick played along and smacked her ass a couple times as Chase hooted and hollered. The other seemed oblivious to these goings on and kept dancing and drinking. Since Lauren didnt seem to be moving away and actually seemed to be backing in closer to Nicks chair, he placed both his hands on her ass partly keeping her at arms length, partly getting a nice feel on her tiny yet shapely ass. When Lauren felt his hands grope her ass, she liked the attention and began backing up even more until her ass was on Nicks crotch. As she sat down and was without much control grinding her ass on Nicks crotch, Nick has his hands on her hips almost guiding her movements. Nick muttered to himself that he wished his gf was here or that he was single because he couldnt take this anymore. Lauren leaned back and reached behind her to caress Nicks face. She turned her head and tells Nick how shes had a crush on him ever since the first day of class almost a year ago.

Nicks head was spinning now. He loved his gf but it had been over 3 weeks since hed seen her or been with her and the past week of internet agruing made him miserable. He knew if they werent so far apart they never in a million years wouldve fought over thing so meaningless. However, sitting there with an attractive girl throwing herself at him his will power was fading fast. Nick managed to muster enough will power to fight her advances off but he was so horned up by this point that he was for sure hed have blue balls if he didnt do something about it that night. He hadnt jerked much since he arrived in Spain. The only couple times he did was via skype and one of those times was interrupted by his roommate coming home early from the bar and Nick having to delay his JO until his shower which was not nearly as fulfilling. By now, a few classmates decided to go back to their rooms. Nick and Chase decided they should do the same and said good bye to the rest of the group. As they were walking back, Nick and Chase talked about Lauren and how hot she looked and must have been throwing herself at Nick the way she did. Nick told Chase that he would love to at the least get a blow job from Lauren but knew he shouldnt. Chase wasnt exactly the "good angel" on his shoulder and told him getting a bj while his gf was gone for 6 weeks and thousands miles away wasnt a big deal. Chase also broke up with own gf a week before his trip to Spain expecting to be banging all of the hot locals (which hasnt exactly gone to plan).

As they got to their apartment building, Nick stayed down to have a cigarette while Chase went upstairs to their room. Nick sat down on the bench and had a drag of his cig with his eyes closed and thought about that night. His thoughts were quickly ended by the sounds of giggling and stumbling as Lauren and Jen were approaching his bench on their walk back. Nick stood and greeted them as they neared. Jen asked if he could help her with Lauren who was having trouble walking (as was Jen). Nick agreed and helped them get to their building, which was one down from his and helped them up the stairs. When they got to the top of the stairs, Jen was looking pale and said she had to get to her room fast and left Lauren with Nick. As he walked Lauren to her door he asked her if she had her keys. She said she did and started fumbling around for them in her tiny purse.

Nick was getting annoyed waiting and grabbed her purse to look for himself. Lauren grabbed his hands and said it was her purse she would find them. They tugged at the purse and Lauren swung her body away from Nick while having a grasp of her purse still. This bascially pulled Nick close to her and he was now reaching around her trying to find the keys. They played this game for a few minutes before Lauren surprised Nick with a passionate kiss on his lips. Nick stopped his search for the keys now and stood motionless not even returning the kiss at first. Lauren now turned back around and grabbed Nicks face as her tongue tried its best to get Nick to reciprocate.

Nick slowly began to give in and began kissing Lauren back. His hands dangled by his side as Lauren leaned her body into Nicks while never breaking away from his lips. Her hands were exploring his chest, up under his shirt, and around to his now his now slightly sweaty back. Nick couldnt hold back anymore and placed his hands on Laurens hips and held her body close to his letting her feel his heat. Lauren said for them to go inside but Nick said no. They made out for a bit longer and Lauren insisted a few more times that they go inside her apartment. Each time Nick refused and was about ready to pull away when Lauren asked him what he wanted. Nick refused as Lauren suggested he could spend the night with her. She asked him he wanted her to go to his room. Again Nick said no. Lauren asked if she could atleast give him a blowjob because she was dying to do something while on the trip. Nick remained silent this time. Lauren took this as her opening and began to apply soft kisses to Nicks lips and neck as she asked him if thats what he wanted. For her to wrap her lips around his big cock. Nick said nothing and Laurens hands began to reach for Nicks belt while she kept kissing his neck and lips.

Nick knew he shouldnt be doing this but with everything that had happened in the past few weeks he was feeling very weak at that moment. His better judgement was betraying him and he couldnt resist Laurens advances much more. Lauren had worked the belt undone and was now reaching for his pant buttons. Nick put his head back half in pleasure about what he knew was to come and half in exasperation that he wasnt strong enough to stop it. Lauren knelt down now and worked his pants down slowly. Nick was now standing there in his boxer briefs now as a /cute/cute-girl/">cute girl from his class was kneeling before him massaging his dick. Lauren reached for the waist band on his boxer briefs and slowly began to pull them down with great anticipation. Once she got to his dick she couldnt hold back anymore and pulled them all the way down. Lauren was mesmorized by Nicks still mostly soft cock. He was hanging down about 5" with a slight curve to his left. His balls were shaved and his pubes neatly trimmed. His cock matched the color of the rest of his olive skinned body and his balls were nice sized.

Lauren leaned in and took the head of his dick in her mouth and savored the taste as she swirled the head around her mouth with her tongue. Nick let out a small moan at this and feared he wouldnt be able to last as long as usual since hed been depraved of such action for almost 3 weeks now. Lauren continued to suck his dick head while pulling back on it with her head. She kept doing this slowly taking more and more of his now growing dick in her mouth. Nick kept his hands to his side during all of this almost as if he didnt touch her, what he was doing was ok. Deep down he knew better. Lauren took his dick out and pumped it with her hand as she licked up and down the shaft working her way down to his balls. Nick was in heaven and knew he wouldnt be able to go as long as normal now. Lauren took each of his balls into her mouth and worked them around with her tongue.

Nick was loving the sensation. It felt old yet new to him as it was the first time someone other than his gf had her mouth around his cock. Nick was now fully hard at his 8+ inches and was beginning to feel his nuts start to tighten. He looked down at Lauren dutifuly sucking his dick and even he was surprised at how thick his cock seemed to get that night. It was definitly lacking the attention it had grown used to at home (even before he had a steady girlfriend).

Nick grabbed Laurens head now as he couldnt help it anymore. He guided her head back and forth onto and off of his massive fuck rod. Lauren, for being a pettite little thing, was doing a great job at sucking his dick and wasnt even gagging on it. Nick decided it was time to change this and held her head tight as he face fucked her for a good 20 seconds. Lauren finally managed to pull off his dick as she gagged a bit on Nicks large pole. After another minute of sucking at her own pace, Nick tapped Lauren on the shoulder letting her know he was about to cum. To Nicks dismay, Lauren pulled off his dick and began jerking him off furiously.

Nick couldnt do anything now as he was in the throws and let his spunk fly all over the old brick wall next to Laurens apartment door. He must have came a pint full on the wall as he let thick rope after thick rope of his cum hit the wall. Lauren tried to get Nick to come into her apartment and stay the night so they could finish what they started but Nick quickly pulled his pants up and started to button them up. He told porn videos download her thanks without even making eye contact and hurriedly walked back to his apartment building hoping he could go to sleep and wake up with what had just happened just being a dream.