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People ask me why I love accessories and jewelry and the truth is that I am fascinated by the process that artists go through to make art. There’s something magical that happens when you see someone’s ideas take shape and come to life. I created Circle and Square to share these moments. Here, we take you on a voyage of discovery to fall in love and find that soulmate accessory you feel but can’t describe until you see it. At Circle and Square we bring you the work of jewelry and handbag artists from all over the world whose work is extraordinary. We bring those of you who are beauty seekers and fiercely creatives a destination to find one-of-a-kind pieces that express your independent style. We bring you statement pieces that can bring a quiet outfit to life, accessory’s that can transform your mood and limited edition exclusives that express the beauty within you.  

The name Circle and Square came from two sources of inspiration. One: Shape & Line. In life and in nature, all form is either a circle or a square. There are those of us who love the elegant calm of round shapes and those of us a little bit eclectic who like things square. Circle and Square is also inspired by the Cercle et Carré movement in Paris in 1930. It was one of the first modernist movements organized by the artists Joaquin Torrés-Garcia and Michel Seuphor. Their work was an exploration of new ways to express art using negative space, line, circles and squares. It was also in defiance of the rigid rules laid down by the Royal Academy. Like these pioneer artists, we know you are not afraid to color outside the lines with how you dress and accessorize.

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Bunny Touby Fayne


The story of Circle and Square began when I first moved to California and realized it was an opportunity to redefine myself. Drawn to art, I began to meet amazing artists and I felt a passion to showcase their work. In the process of looking for an art space, Circle and Square 1.0, the Brick-and-Mortar version was born and lasted for 6 years as a place for jewelry designers, artists and writers to discover each other. But, we needed more, we needed a way for people all over the world to discover these talented people and so, Circle and Square 2.0, the eCommerce version was born. We currently offer a mix of jewelry, handbags, and sunglasses that range in attitude from Rock-n-Roll to Architectural, to Elegant. We are always looking for rising-stars to add to our gallery and we welcome your input and suggestions. It is our dream to become the antithesis of just another online retailer. We want to become an international destination people to share their love of craftsmanship, art and innovation. It’s a virtual dream come true!

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