When I first moved to California, I spent a long time pondering what my passion/purpose was.

I had to re-invent myself. So, my first year was consumed with researching California jewelry artists and assembling a collection of Northern and Southern designers. I met and became friendly along the way, with some incredible talent. Alas, when my original venue turned out to not be reliable, much to my chagrin, I pivoted.

I looked for places to exhibit the work of these artists and short of giving up, one fine day, a space magically appeared. For 6 years mortar and bricks and sticks and stones were about to get the best of me.

Now what? Get back to travelling and enjoying friends, life, dining, movies, shopping and my favorite thing.. talking about it all. Circle & Square has become a virtual meeting place to sip virtual coffee and eat virtual chocolate doughnuts and feast on some real treats on the other side, ~The Shop~.

I wanted to create an influential space curated especially with style setters and the fashion media in mind by sourcing the best of the best in order to capture their attention through a coveted selection of accessories.

Shopping is better, bigger and so much easier to navigate.
After a very long  journey… it’s a virtual dream come true!



 Circle & Square’s online store acts as a national and international destination for the fashion forward and the fashion conscious around the globe.

Circle & Square’s roster of celebrity coveted designers are constantly seen on every red carpet event.

Circle & Square is inspired by the 1929 French Art Movement “Cercle et Carre´,” which supported emerging art and its transformative properties. Echoing that impulse, Circle & Square was founded to bring a selection of the finest, most unique accessories by talented independent designers and artists to women with an individual sense of style.

We pride ourselves on sourcing unusual, one-of-a-kind, limited edition and handcrafted accessories. We find the painstaking detail of a finely-crafted piece captivating and look forward to the process of discovering rising-star designers and watching them transform their artistic vision into reality.

Circle & Square offers the best in curated independent design. To discover  more, please go to ~The Shop~


Bunny Touby Fayne