The Glory of Studio Arterie

March 20, 2017

The Glory of Studio Arterie

Glorious, poetic, sensual, romantic. These are the first few words that came to mind when one first sees a mural by Studio Arterie. The temperature rises and one stops breathing, the way one always does when seeing something that is a perfect blend of beauty, innovation, and artistry. The concept of Studio Arterie is the reincarnation of classical painters canvases, to discover the music within, and bring that to life in a modern way. The results are stunning works of art that become part of your home each expressing a unique point of view that reflects your personal style. Each mural is transformed into wall paper and the designs are all custom and range from quiet scenes (if that is what you wish) to abstract collages in riotous colors. 

Like the artists of Circle and square, Studio Arterie reflects the power to inspire fierce, independent and creative style. 

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