March 30, 2017


Karri Grant possesses the same effortless grace and presence as Cary Grant himself. For those of you who are younger and don't have our love of classic 1950's films, Cary Grant was one of the most gorgeous Hollywood actors to grace the screen. 

Kari is a stylist from Sacramento with a client base of about 6-700 clients per year. Her clients range from athletes to senators, lobbyists and aids with a recent upsurge in requests from men. She now styles about 60/40 women to men. She considers herself a stylist with substance. The first question she always asks is "what kind of person do you want people to think you are?" Sample Answer: "trustworthy." "Well," she says, "that's a style." She couldn't be more right. We met up with her at the beautiful Ratna Ling Meditation Retreat north of Jenner on the Pacific North Coast taking a little R&R. She graciously agreed to let me interview her.

C&S: Since most of your clients are in official fields how do you help them hold on to their personal style?

KG: There are always ways to bring a little of who you are into even the most conservative look. Take one of my clients who is a lawyer. He dresses up his suits with signature funky ties that have started to be his recognizable style. 

C&S: How did you first get into styling?

KG: I was a nurse and it was during the time of HMO's and I really didn't like my job. My boyfriend at the time said "quit, go do something you love." Well, I had always loved to style. One of my grandmothers was the interior designer for Mick Jagger. The other was a consummate seamstress so I grew up around fabric swatches and colors. Design is in my blood.

C&S: What is the message that is most important to give your clients?

KG: That style can be healing. Women especially, spend so much time trying to hide or minimize things about themselves and when they find a look that makes them happy, that can change their life. 

C&S: What's your most decadent styling indulgence?

KG: Purses and shoes. Jimmy Choo's all the way. Accessories are where I think it's so important to invest in quality. I have shoes that have lasted me 5 years and still look great. 

C&S: What's the greatest tip you can give our readers?

KG: Mix it up. Buy a mix of high and low. For example, you can spend $3,000 on a pair of Jimmy Choo's you'll have for life but stay up to date with trends by getting the seasons blouse at H&M. 

C&S: So what's next? What's on your dream to do list?

KG: I'm starting to feel more and more of a need to do things that are meaningful so I'm starting to do public speaking, to share my journey and I'm producing events. I love events because you get to create a magical and transformative experience for people. 

After speaking with Karri Grant it became clear that she's Circle and Square kind of people; stylish, independent and fiercely creative. 

If you are interested in learning more about Karri Grant, you can reach her at

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