Let’s Dance

August 29, 2016

Let’s Dance

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Put on your red shoes, or pink or black or silver or any other color that makes your feet feel the rhythm. Now, dance the blues, the ballet, the samba -- whatever inspires you to celebrate the utter joy and freedom that comes with moving to music that moves you. The popularity of ballet flats and other styles of shoes that have been embellished with ballerina ties got us thinking about dancing and the clothes and accessories made specifically to do so in. To quote the Dixie Chicks, “Some days, you gotta dance.” Feel free to dance in just your shoes if that is your preferred way to totally let go. If clothing would better complete your dancing dream, consider tulle, as it isn’t just for ballerinas, brides or fairy princesses any more.

“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.” Friedrich Nietzsche

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