Jeans, Jeans and More Jeans!

August 22, 2016

Jeans, Jeans and More Jeans!

 We thought we had said all there was to say about jeans this season, when suddenly, more jeans arrive on the scene.

To quote semi-quote Godfather III, “Just when we thought we were out, they pull us back in!”

 That’s okay with us though, because as far as we’re concerned there is no such thing as too many jean options.

The Frayed Jean has given birth to the New Fray. What started with hemlines, now applies to waists, cuffs, knees and even zipper details.

 The Shadow knows! Another late comer to the party, or rather new arrival, is the Shadow Hem jean. With a darker wash just at the hem, these come in all styles from skinny to wide leg.

Finally, meet the Two-Tone jean. Less subtle than the Shadow Hem, the Two-Tone jean has different washes in much larger swaths. Once again, the Two-Tone comes in enough styles to appeal to anyone and everyone.


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