Candy Colored Dreams

June 20, 2016

Candy Colored Dreams

When we first caught a glimpse of Queen Elizabeth at the public ceremony celebrating her 90th birthday, we were sure that our television needed major adjustments. It seemed so unlikely that the UK Monarch could possibly be wearing a neon green suit with matching hat; we were convinced that the color settings on our TV must have gone, as the Brits say, wonky.No tuning or repairmen were needed, as the longest reigning royal explained that she wore a blindingly bright “birthday suit” so that her loyal subjects would be incapable of not spotting her in the crowd. Unless you’re very young, an “age be damned” believer, or the ruler of the British Empire, green neon can admittedly be a challenging shade to pull off. However, there is no better time to both embrace and immerse yourself in the joyously vivid world of living color than summer.Let’s talk dresses. Whether it’s a shift, a sheath, a strapless, an off-the-shoulder, a halter, a mini, a maxi and everything in between, dresses in stand-out colors always lift your look sky-high as the temperatures rise. Top your outfit off with a candy-colored hat and you too will stand out from the crowd.In winter, LBD’s with matching accessories are fine, but all black is far too funeral a look in summer. It’s better to match your favorite little black dress with accessories that pop. Whether it’s your handbag, strappy sandals, a scarf, bracelet, necklace or earrings, choosing a shade that could be found in the rainbow will ensure that you look sensationally season appropriate.White on white is great. White pants, shorts and skirts worn with tops in bright pink, yellow, turquoise, coral or purple are great with a capital G! Let’s go back to neon green for a moment. If it’s part of a neoprene bikini, the color can actually be a stand-out in a great way on the beach or lounging poolside. Whether you favor bikinis, one-pieces, tankinis or monokinis, swimsuits in brighter than bright colors will make you sizzle hotter than the sun itself.Again, even if you worship at the altar of the black swimsuit, accessories that sing are the easiest way to introduce color to your look without sacrificing your favorite mainstay. Flip flops, cover ups, tote bags, sun hats and sunglasses that POP will save you from looking too somber for summer.

“In India, you see the way they embrace color in the culture - it's very celebratory of the existence of color. There's no rule of what color belongs together or doesn't belong together. They're not precious about it. It's very full-on.” M.I.A.

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