C&S Selects

June 29, 2016

C&S Selects

'Ultra Boost' Running Shoe

We all need or want a boost sometimes and caffeine’s got nothing on these Adidas top performance running shoes. Super-comfortable thanks to a Primeknit upper that stretches and expands with your foot. Made for everything from high mileage runs to low mileage hanging out and looking good. Perfect for both athletes and non-athletes.Exerciser Tank

It’s little wonder that this little wonder of an exercise tank is made by Heroine Sport. You will feel like a heroine showing off your toned-shoulders and arms in this gorgeous, knit tank with a rounded halter neckline with cut in top. Grosgrain trim detailing to enhances the color-blocking design.'Tech Hypermesh' Hooded Vest

Sloppy looking sweatshirts and sweatpants have gone the way of the dinosaurs. Today’s athletic wear is as much about performance as it is looks. As always, Nike is right smack at the cutting edge and this hooded vest proves it. Technical spacer-mesh fabric makes this piece light as a feather, breathable and looking great.'Legendary' Colorblock Dri-FIT Capris

Not all athletic wear is created alike. If you’ve been looking for yoga pants with a flattering fit and luxurious feel, your search is over. These capri pants from Nike are super-soft and plush, with a streamlined fit and zoned ventilation for maximum comfort during your workout. The color-blocking is right on trend as well.

Magic Bullet Professional Series NutriBullet

If you have made a solemn vow to eat more fruits and veggies, but haven’t quite hit the mark, Nutribullet is the bullseye product you’ve been waiting for. There’s no easier way to get the nutrition you’ve been lacking than by drinking your fruit and veg in healthy smoothies. Super-powerful, and so easy to use and clean. Nutribullet will inspire you to kick your old blender to the curb.Leather Backpack

Welcome back backpack! This gorgeous leather backpack will make you wonder why we ever decided stop carrying them. Handmade in Spain from the finest cowhide leather, available in nearly every color under the rainbow and ROOMY. What more could you need from a bag?Aromaflage Fragrance

At Circle & Square we know all too well that a glorious, summer hike can easily be sullied by mosquitoes, tics, gnats and all the other little buggies that like nothing better than a teensy taste of you. Aromaflage is sooooo much better than those horrible smelling bug be gone sprays because it’s a fine fragrance that does double duty as an insect repellent. Free of DEET and harsh chemicals; enjoy your next journey through the forest or evening by a beach bonfire smelling like vanilla, cedarwood and orange.

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