The Presidio

June 16, 2016

The Presidio

San Francisco is a city chock-full of magic and breathtaking sights wherever the head turns. The Presidio offers an opportunity to immerse yourself in history, while surrounding yourself by the majestic beauty that defines California’s Northern Coastline.Over its 230-year history as a military base, the Presidio was used to house soldiers from Spain, Mexico and finally the United States.The Presidio’s present incarnation is a National Park, and many San Francisco natives swear that you won’t find a more bucolic spot anywhere else in the city. With its abundance of eucalyptus trees and green lawns and views of the Bay, the Presidio is the ultimate destination for a perfect picnic.If a combination history lesson /fortification of the alcoholic kind is your wont, head over to the Presidio Social Club, which was once an enlisted-men’s' barracks.If you’re feeling particularly energetic, you should know that from the Presidio, you can walk to the Golden Gate Bridge.At the Walt Disney Family Museum, fans of a certain mouse named Mickey can enjoy themselves without having to wait in the huge lines that are found in Anaheim and Orlando.Finally, Star Wars fans will be delighted to know that in 1999 director George Lucas won the development rights for 15 acres (6.1 ha) of the Presidio, which is now home to Lucasfilm headquarters and the wonderful new restaurant Sessions. May the Force that is the Presidio be with you!

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