Weekend in Napa

June 09, 2016

Weekend in Napa

When you are suddenly stricken with a severe case of wanderlust, nothing soothes that urge to get away better than a spontaneous road trip. Okay now say it with us, “Road trip!” A little louder please, “ROAD TRIP!!!” That’s more like it! While there are countless beautiful places in the world, it’s practically an understatement to say that few can compete with California’s Napa Valley, aka Wine Country. If you’re a fan of majestic mountains, rolling hills, deep valleys, rivers, streams, wildflowers and wildlife, Napa will not disappointNestled north of the Bay area, Napa Valley is the main wine producing area in the US, in addition to being one of the premier wine regions in the entire world.Many of Napa’s finest hotels are also home to top of the line day spas and Calistoga, which is located in the heart of Napa, is world renowned for its hot springs. 

It’s impossible to talk about Napa without giving wine tours their proper due. Thanks to Napa’s 400 wineries, the variety of vinos and vintages available for you to sample is veritably endless.

We would be very tempted to refer to Napa as like a Disneyland for oenophiles. However, leave it to France to one up us by opening La Cité du Vin, which is literally a wine theme park located in Bordeaux. “PLANE TRIP!!!”

1.- Jeans / 2.- Espadrille Slip-On / 3.- Bramble Pants / 4.- Book / 5.- Dress / 6.- High Heel Sandals

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